Hydrographic Surveyor

A hydrographic surveyor is a professional who measures and maps the world’s underwater surfaces and studies the construction of the seabed. They specialize in precise positioning, data acquisition, and processing in onshore or offshore marine environments. 

Career Details

As a hydrographic surveyor, you will be working with planners or civil engineers to monitor and protect the environment during construction projects. Studying inland waters, rivers, ports, and oceans. And collecting information about the type of seabed along with the movement of water and waves. 

The role of a hydrographic surveyor is to use specialized equipment and techniques to make charts and maps to describe how the sea floor, riverbeds, and shores physically look like. 

When you go into this career path depending on the organization you want to work for, you can become a hydrographic survey with just your matric, but for you to grow in this role, you must study a four-year degree, and there are several degrees you can get, that will help you in your role as a hydrographic surveyor. 

Skills required for this career:
  • Practical problem-solving skills
  • To be a logical thinker
  • Aware of safety issues
  • Ability to make decisions
Study options:
  • M.Sc. Computer Science
  • M.Sc. Geography
  • B.Sc. Hydrology
  • Bachelor Oceanography 
  • Bachelor Mine Surveying 
  • Port and harbor authorities
  • Defense navies
  • Equipment and software companies
  • Freelance surveyors consultancies
  • Organizations involved in land reclamation
  • Coastal protection agencies