This is an exciting career path to go into because these individuals play a vital role in most organizations. Divers work in a variety of industries, for example, they would get hired by large diving contracting companies to do construction and maintenance work on offshore oil rigs. Some work for law enforcement or insurance investigating firms to look for accident victims, wreckage, or lost valuables.

Career Details

Their responsibilities include performing duties underwater such as inspecting, repairing, removing, or installing equipment and structures. Diver professionals also use power and hand tools, for example, drills, sledgehammers, or welding equipment to help them perform their duties. 

Other divers work with scientific research teams to photograph fish, vegetation, or minerals. 

But life as a diver doesn’t always have to be serious you can always work at resorts as a recreational driver, acting as an undersea tour guide for people on holiday.

Skills required for this career:
  • CPR skills
  • Hand tools
  • Job safety analysis
  • Water construction skills
Study options:
  • B.S. Divers 
  • Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver Program
  • Class VI, V, IV, And III Commercial Dive Training
  • 50-meter Commercial Air diver
  • Museums
  • Water transportation companies
  • Law Departments 
  • Insurance companies