Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design, construct and maintain built environment infrastructure such as roads, damns, bridges, water, and sewage systems, tunnels, and other large infrastructure projects. 

Career Details

Civil engineers have expertise in the construction and infrastructure sector.

Many civil engineers develop a specialty based on their interests and customer needs. Some may specialize in stormwater management. Others may handle road construction, airports, or railroads.

Skills required for this career:
  • Good planning skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Strong analytical ability
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
Study options:
  • B. Sc. Engineering: Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering: Civil Engineering
  • National Diploma: Civil Engineering
  • National Diploma and Bachelor of Technology: Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Engineering firms
  • Construction companies
  • Utility companies 
  • Railway companies
  • Waste management companies